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Are you a content writer looking for ways to boost your income, become more productive and excel in your craft? Are you interested in AI? Do you want to harness its power for your business, your studies, or your personal projects? 

Our comprehensive guide to using
ChatGPT is just what you need!

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is one of the most advanced AI language models in the world, capable of generating human-like text that’s incredibly persuasive and engaging. However, learning to use this tool to its full potential can be a challenge… unless you have the right guide.

Why do I need this guide in my life?

What’s so good about this guide and why, as a content producer, is it so important for me to read it? 

The list of benefits is huge!

Easy-to-Understand Explanations

We break down the complex world of AI and machine learning into language that's easy for anyone to understand.

Real-Life Applications

Learn how ChatGPT can be applied for content writers in business, education and more, and get inspired to use it in your own unique ways.

Expert Insights

Benefit from our mature experience and insider knowledge and learn the best tips on how to harness chat GPT and get a head start on the AI revolution.

The world of AI is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. While that may be true, one thing is for sure, if you don’t learn about it soon and how it can affect your work, then you’re going to fall behind.

We’ve all heard news stories telling us that AI is going to take all our jobs. Well, not quite. It’s super smart, but it’s not sophisticated enough to completely replace us, yet. It is however powerful enough to amplify our natural abilities and rapidly hone our work to an improved, more polished version of itself.

We just need to be part of the revolution, rather than letting it unfold around us while we bury our heads in the sand in fear.

We have already embraced the change, and discovered that it is supercharging our productivity, bolstering our ideas for content writing and production, and driving us to create greater and much more impressive outputs.

And now we have put together this guide for you, to share our lessons, learnings, and mistakes, so you can leapfrog forward and catch up in a race that will allow you no second chances.

Introducing AI Beginner Tips

Get all your questions answered with our definitive 50+ page eBook guide for content producers
entering into the world of AI

Yes, I want to be part of the AI revolution. How do I get this guide?

Great, you are ready to buy and just as well, as we thought you were about to give in and go live in a field. Not that there’s anything wrong with living in a field, but you’ll miss out on one of the most exciting opportunities to be part of something that moves humankind forward faster and in more ways than has ever been seen before.

We want everyone to be part of this revolution, so we can all grow together. 

So we’re offering our guide for $9.99.

That’s right – for just $9.99, you can learn how to improve everything you do.

Become more creative, have better ideas, write more, research more, become more polished, more brilliant, rank higher and produce better quality outputs all round.

Who is This Course For?

SEO Content Writers

AI can suggest keywords, predict trends, and analyze and improve content for SEO effectiveness.

Technical Writers

AI can automate formatting, simplify terms, and analyze user feedback for content improvement.


AI can analyze past copy, identify audience trends, and suggest ideas for effective promotional content.

Academic Writers

AI can suggest resources, analyze successful papers' structure, and provide citation recommendations.

More output equals more sales equals more profits

Were you wondering how your competitors were able to deliver something so quickly whereas you are still spending hours putting in the research and writing something unique? Were you wondering how your competitors’ work is always being found whereas yours just doesn’t seem optimized for search engines? 

If so, then this guide is perfect for you.  

The guide includes: 

Background information on what AI is and why it is suddenly so important

An introduction to ChatGPT

Guidance on how to set up your own ChatGPT account

Advanced techniques

Use cases and examples

Best practices for its usage

Guidance on troubleshooting and support

The future of AI

100+ Prompt examples

Don't miss the boat - time is of the essence!!

Your feedback

“I’ve been hearing about this ChatGPT and Google Bard thing for a few months now, but honestly, it all sounded so complicated I didn’t know where to start. This ebook has jump started my AI journey with clear and easy to understand explanations and how to’s.”

“I have yet to find something that explains how to use ChatGPT so clearly. The guide has really helped me get to grips with AI and my blog content is so much better now. “

“I have been using ChatGPT to help me research new products and write sales copy for them. Its capabilities were way beyond what I had realised though so thanks to this detailed guide, I am using it even better and my productivity is through the roof. “

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